Project Name Client Type - Description
Lego Technic Expansion Legoland California Entertainment - Planting & Irrigation
Canyon Crest Academy T.B. Penick & Sons High School Construction- Irrigation, Drainage, Planting, Sport Fields
Salk Expansion Salk Institute
Rudolph & Sletten
Roof Top Garden
Planting, Irrigation, Drainage
Wildhorse Centex Homes Planned Community (HOA), Street Scapes, Entries, Slopes, Habitat Restoration
Brook Hills Slopes Brook Hills Development Slopes - Planting, Irrigation
Re: Erosion Control
Creekside Marketplace
Phases 3 & 4
The Whiting-Turner Company Shopping Center, Specimen Plantings, Onsite & Offsite Improvements, Irrigation, Planting, Drainage
Summerwood William Lyon Homes Models - Planting, Irrigation, and Landscape decorations
Santa Fe Trails Centex Homes Community - Drainage, Irrigation, and Planting
SIO, Galbirth, Kiosks University Cal. San Diego University Enhancement
Planting, Irrigation, Drainage
Brook Hills Models Brook Hills Development Models - Exterior - Turn Key
Development All Scopes
Aurora Hills Barratt American Planned Community, Slopes, Production yards, Erosion Control
Seabreeze Farms Centex Homes Planned Community (HOA)
Landscape Development
Lego Aqua Zone Legoland California Entertainment - Planting, Irrigation, Drainage
Top World Elementary Laguna Beach School Dist.
Bernards Bros.
Elementary School
Irrigation & Turf Rehabilitation
Smart and Final Retail Development Services Construction Building/Planting; Irrigation
Tanglewood William Lyon Homes Models - Planting, Irrigation, and Landscape decorations
Seabreeze Apartments Tenant Space Inc. (TSI) Affordable Housing
Mar Vista HS Modernization Sweetwater UHSD/Rudolph & Sletten High School - Planting; Irrigation